Our Mission – 8 Simple Rules

These rules are our mission, our belief on how we want to make the theatre group thrive and our commitment to you and ourselves. Our identity and mission are integral to the function of Act2B as a whole, we will keep these rules in our minds permanently and all the time when making decisions. The essence of these rules is unchangeable, add-to-able when needed, but unwavering.

  1. Everyone auditions.
  2. We will never ask our members to pay a fee.
  3. We will always have an amateur branch open to new talent.
  4. Our method is built around breaking through the walls of potential.
  5. We’re here to help people develop their own ideas and creative ventures.
  6. When an equal choice is made between existing and original work, we choose the original work.
  7. We’re here to create a broadly activated community and expand our reach into other areas.
  8. We strive to be extraordinary, ambition is key for what we are.

If these speak out to you, get involved! Pop us an e-mail at Act2B@hotmail.com.