In a State of Mind

When Bruce tries to commit suicide, he wakes up to his subconscious looming over him. In this dark comedy, we follow him as he tries to get his life together in his curious condition.

Our first play, In a State of Mind, is planned to come out in September 2019! Auditions are in March, the first 2 months we’ll have rehearsals once a week (likely to be Monday evenings), after that we’ll ramp it up to twice a week (likely to be Monday and Thursday or Friday evenings).


Bruce: A young man in his twenties, lost in the world and clinically depressed.
Alt: Bruce’s better half, his internal voice who tells him to stand up for himself.
Garth: Bruce’s lust, obsessed with sex and can’t think of anything else.
Isaac: Bruce’s depression, constantly struggling to see the bigger picture.
Alix: Bruce’s feminine side, caring and kind.

Sophie: The typical girl next door, Bruce falls in love the moment she walks in.
Liam: Sophie’s boyfriend, a typical jock.

Rebekka: The controlling sister, always trying to take care of Bruce and at the same time thinking he can’t take care of himself.
Ben: Bruce’s estranged father. Has been out of touch for 15 years.
Gary: Ben’s internal voice.

In a State of Mind



If you’re not an actor, please check this page out to see if our mission communicates to you, and if it does, get in touch!