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After Bruce tries to take his own life, he sees his thoughts as actual people. The show follows Bruce on his journey to get his life back together while dealing with his curious predicament. Supported by live music from Frank & Common Ground.

Our first play, In a State of Mind, is showing on the 13th, 14th, 20th and 21st of September. Tickets sold through Ticket Tailor and Bristol Ticket Shop.

Tickets through BTS:

13th of September, 19:45 at The Station

14th of September, 19:45 at The Station

20th of September, 19:45 at The Station

21st of September, 19:45 at The Station



Bruce, a young man in his twenties, lost in the world, depressed and confused.
Played by: Connor Walsh, Elliot Leaver, Daisy Amachree, Bethany Reed and Nicky Walker.

Sophie, a young actress who stopped believing in herself.
Played by: Aggie Matuszak.

Liam, Sophie’s boyfriend, a man’s man.
Played by: Dave Chapman.

Rebekka, the controlling sister, always trying to take care of Bruce.
Played by: Louise Davidge.

Ben, Bruce and Rebekka’s estranged father. Has been out of touch for 20 years.
Played by: Nathan Hook and Danielle Easley.