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Act2B is a creative company on a mission to sow seeds of creativity in Bristol, we’re committed to Bristol being the epicentre of theatre and creativity in the UK. 

This city is overflowing with artistic talent and yet we often hear people saying they have nowhere to express themselves. We’re here to give those people a voice. We’re here to include everybody who wants to create from any background and to empower them to reach new heights. We’re not just a theatre company, we’re Act2B and we’re here to empower and unite Bristol’s creatives. 

Act2B, taking a stand for creativity!

Our values are at the core of that promise and are not just important, they’re vital to how we function. These 8 core values are the pillars we’re building this company on. Unwavering commitments that inspire us to get out there and create.

Everyone auditions

We’re all about fairness and equal opportunity, nobody gets an acting role without auditioning. No matter how much we love you.

Members do not pay fees

Asking talent to pay to participate, sets a barrier of entry. We’re not a rich-boy club, we want your ideas, not your money.

Open for amateurs

One day, we may open a professional theatre branch, but we will always have an amateur group open for new talent.

We inspire breakthroughs

We’re not about accepting the world as it is, our ambition and material is based on breaking through the walls of potential.

Developing people

Our job is to inspire creative people and help them on their own ventures. We’re here to empower you.


Shakespeare is awesome, we get it, but we’re here to create new things. Given the choice, we’ll pick fresh over playing it safe.


We’re a part of Bristol and our mission is to grow with Bristol and create a creative community of theatre, music, film etc.


Playing a game with high stakes is more fun than playing it safe. We strive to be extraordinary, ambition is key to what we are.

 We’re aware these core values sound ambitious and even a little crazy. That’s where you come in, we can’t do this without you! Tag, you’re it! If our goals speak to you or strike a chord, give us a shout, get involved. Your life may never be the same again.