Play: The Wardrobe (working title)

Dustin likes his house to be clean, tidy and spotless. Naomi is a free spirit. They’ve been living together for a few months, and while they really love each other, it hasn’t worked out so far. Naomi has convinced herself that all they need is a wardrobe to hide the mess.

In an hour-long play Naomi and Dustin try to work out their problems.

We’re looking for two actors and a whole lot of people supporting, email or fill out the form below (for actors) and we’ll get back in touch by the 30th of September!

Dustin: A young man suffering from OCD, gets very uncomfortable when his world isn’t spotless by his own definition. He tries to understand Naomi, but is too stuck on his own ideas about manliness to make any headway.

Naomi: A modern day hippy, believes in free love, equality and wants to live an unburdened life, her obsession with freedom can sometimes lead to callousness

Form for actors: