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Act2B is a value-driven company, committed to eight simple rules. Even though we’re working towards becoming the flagship theatre in Bristol, we promise you that our core values will never change. These values represent who we are now, and what we’re striving to become. They fuel us and the people we work with, and one day when we have our own studio, these will be printed on the walls.

Everyone auditions

We’ll always hold open auditions and where possible make these workshop based, so that actors get value out of it.

We don’t charge people to participate in our shows

Expressing your creativity should always be free. We want your talent, time and commitment, not your money.

We’ll always be open to new talent

Artistic talent should be welcomed and nurtured. On or off stage, experienced or not, we want to see you. As long as you’re ambitious and willing to learn, you’ll find a creative home here.

We unlock creative potential

We want you to take the next step in your artistic journey and we’ll provide the coaching to get you there.

We want people, not sheep

We help people on their journey to discover their artist within, your braveness, boldness and experimentation is encouraged.

We’re original

New and exciting work is what we’re here for and we encourage local artists to create it.

We’re building an empowered community

We’re creating a community of people who share their passion and ideas and are excited to be a part of Act2B.

We’re extraordinary

We want to be the best and biggest. We’re disruptors and we’re a little bit crazy, can you tell? Our goal is to conquer Bristol and then the world. Our ambition is the key to get us there.